Fixed point pipe clamp Type 116-305P SA4-I

The fixed point pipe clamp Type 116-305P SA 4 is a structure-borne sound-insulating fixed point unit made of welded flat and sectional steel for connecting directly to I-profile without drilling and welding. The rubber insulation plates are tempered in the factory according to their load-bearing requirements and are distributed over 6 levels. The fastening is designed, that the load-bearing capability is equal in all directions. The rubber insulating plates are load-bearing at any one time are loaded under pressure, resulting in a high load-bearing capability. The pipe distance size indicated in the table (A) is the minimum cost-related size. According to pipe insulation strength, the A size is manufactured according to the customer requirements.

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Fixed point pipe clamp Type 116-305P SA4-I
Fixed point pipe clamp Type 116-305P SA4-I

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