Sound insulating component Type 106

Structure-borne sound insulating fastening unit to fasten components of any kind, e.g., sound absorbers, ventilation ducts, ventilators or collecting trusses, e.g. in connection with helped rails. The fastening of ventilation ducts or sound absorbers can be made, as desired with the insulation component Type 106 directly, or with the insulation component Type 106 in a U-shape as flange connection. The special retaining washer enables the mounting of the unit, including the ready mounted insulating component under the retaining washer already fixed at the dowel by simply pushing it in. After the dowel is brought to his statutory dowel torque, the retaining washer covers (s. picture) the insulating component and prevents the fastening from slipping out. Due to this solution the element was approved named as Type 130 by the Federal Department of Civil Defense as shockproof fastener. The dipa® unit Type 106 is, like all other dipa® parts secured against breaking off. In case of destruction of the rubber spring, e.g. by fire, the part maintains its protecting properties. The insulation components Type 106 and 106 U can be use for wall, ceiling or floor fastening.

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Sound insulating component Type 106
Sound insulating component Type 106

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