Sliding restraining bearing Type 118 C/118 CA

Pipe fastener for supporting light exhaust pipes with large pipe movements, caused by temperature changes. The slide bar is generally stored maintenance-free in fibre-glass and PTFE ducts. Two height-adjustable pipe clamps transfer the pipe batch securely into the restraining storage facility. The construction design –CA – is in addition mounted on four sound insulating structures, which guarantee perfect and durable sound insulation. For extremely high radiating temperatures, the insulating unit is equipped with a heat shield. Examples are, exhaust pipes, which are usually not insulated. The dipa® sliding restraining bearing facilities types 118 C and 118 CA are constructed for use horizontally, standing or hanging, and vertically as line fastening.

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Sliding restraining bearing Type 118 C/118 CA
Sliding restraining bearing Type 118 C/118 CA

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