Restraining roller bearing Type 118 Z/118 ZA

The dipa roller-bed pipe bearing facilities consist of the pipe support part as well as the roller-bed bearing facility. They are adjusted to the necessary loads and applications by the choice of materials. This applies both to the dimensions of the material of the pipe clamps as well as the dimensions of the permanently lubricated metal roller-bed bearing facility in connection with the high-strength steel axis. The design of the bearing facility ensures almost friction and force-free storing and guiding of the pipelines. This advantage, compared with sliding bearings, leads to less transmission of energy to the structure or substructure and, therefore, to a more cost-effective construction method. The roller-bed pipe bearing facilities are, furthermore, also available in a more structure-borne soundinsulation design, whereby the rubber spring is fitted visibly outside of the insulation and is not influenced by the heat of the pipe. A visual inspection is possible at any time. A further advantage of this building method is minimal heat loss due to the small contact surfaces of the bearing facility. The pipe supporting part is each time laid out in such a way, that an adjustment of construction conditions and insulation strengths is possible. The standoff on the desired pipe axis measurement is taken into account during our production.

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Restraining roller bearing Type 118 Z/118 ZA
Restraining roller bearing Type 118 Z/118 ZA

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