Low temperature glide support Type 171-1 A/171-1 AH

The low temperature glide support Type 171-1 and 171-2 are provided as gliding or glide support pipe clamps for temperature stressed pipelines with a diameter between 21,3 mm and 813,0 mm. The low temperature pipe clamps Type 170 are used as stress carrying clamps and are themselves integrated in a half clamp welded on an U-profile. The dipa® glide supports are available in four distinct versions and are compatible with the dipa® glide supports of Type 190 SA and of the series of 301 and 302. The demand for a mounting free of a low temperature bridge will be fulfilled completely by the dipa® low temperature glide support. Because of the high density of the foam a reliable load transmission of the expanding pipe lines on the glides plane is guaranteed. Admissible mass load per low temperature pipe clamp see load characteristic of Type 170, dynamic load. (Type 171-2).

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Low temperature glide support Type 171-1 A/171-1 AH
Low temperature glide support Type 171-1 A/171-1 AH

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Description Type 171 Download
Variatons series 171 with suitable glide supports Download
Load characteristics Type 171-1/171-2 Download
Data sheet Type 171-1 A/171-1 AH Download

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