Glide support 180 hv/180 hv H

Dipa® glide supports Type 180 are designed as sliding or guide slide bearing for pipes with strong expansion. Steel-welded, the construction can be customized to isolation strength and required distance. Also sound-insulated available. All Types 180 are available height adjustable as Type 180 hv.

To receive optimal sliding abilities, we recommend Type 180 Form VA. A glide-plate, made of stainless stell and corresponding with a PTFE-Mat as friction partner ensures the best possible gliding performance. Due to the connection both materials are protected from corrosion.

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Glide support 180 hv/180 hv H
Glide support 180 hv/180 hv H

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Description Type 180 Download
Variations and suitable glide supports Type 180 Download
Data sheet 180 hv/180 hv H Download

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